Swimming & Dive Lessons

Registration begins May 15th, 2019

General Lesson information to help you place your child The following is a list of skills taught at each level of our program. Please read the items carefully and select the appropriate level for your child. Your child should be proficient in these skills to move on to the next level. If you are unsure of your child’s ability, please call the club and ask for Joe and we will place them accordingly. Also sufficient skill progression is anticipated which will enable participants to move into successive skill levels. Therefore, you may sign up for multiple sessions.


Preschool A & B

  • Object retrieval 2ft

  • Prone kick 10 ft.

  • Put face in the water 7-10 seconds

  • Float on back(w/assistance)

  • Leg kicks on back

  • Intro into Freestyle ( arm motions)

  • Jump from side Safety awareness


  • Freestyle 50 meters

  • Backstroke 50 meters

  • Breaststroke 50 meters

  • Sidestroke 25 meters

  • Intro to Butterfly

  • Turns and Finishes

  • Safety Awareness



  • Prone kick 10 meters

  • Freestyle 10 meters

  • Intro to rotary breathing

  • Kick on back 10 meters

  • Intro to backstroke arms & legs

  • Intro to breaststroke kick

  • Intro to elementary backstroke

  • Safety awareness

stroke clinic

  • Freestyle 100 meters

  • Backstroke 100 meters

  • Breaststroke 100 meters

  • Sidestroke 100 meters

  • Butterfly 25 meters

  • Competitive starts/ turns

  • Safety awareness


advanced beginner

  • Object retrieval 5ft

  • Freestyle 25 meters

  • Backstroke 25 meters

  • Dive from side ( 5ft)

  • Underwater swim 10meters

  • Breaststroke (arms & kick)

  • Jump from diving board

  • Elementary backstroke 25meters

  • Safety awareness



  • Pencil Jump from side

  • Forward dive from side

  • Pencil jump/ dive

  • W hoop Diving approach (steps & hurdle)

  • Intro to backward dive

  • Dive w/ hurdle and bounce

  • Safety awareness

Safety awareness is taught at each level. Participants are reminded of pool safety and given tips on what to do in case they get into trouble. 

Special note: At the beginning of each session Participants will be grouped according to ability so that the class as a whole can progress further. Please be on time for your lessons and encourage children to practice what they have learned. Please notify the instructor if you are going to miss class.